Australian Pairs (242)

Seaford Bowling Club ‘242 Pairs’ League 2021


The format of the league will be “242 pairs”, to give all players the opportunity to lead and skip in each game.  Games will be a maximum of 9 ends or 1 bowling session.


242 pairs (also known as Australian Pairs) 


In the first end of the game the A players lead off with 2 bowls each, then the B players play 4 bowls each, before the A players complete the end with their final 2 bowls. The A players act as lead and skip in the same end. The next end they swap over so that the B players play the first 2 and last 2 bowls and A players play the middle 4 bowls. And so on.

David Lewis is the designated organiser of this League. You can contact him either by phone or by email via the admin of this website:

Mobile 07718 261636  Email address:

There is league entry fee of £3.00.  50% will be distributed as prizes, 50% will be retained by the Club.


Games will take place on Thursdays each week. Dress code for the league is ‘Mufti’.


  • Teams will be fixed for the whole competition.

  • Entrants will be ceded by the Club selection committee into 2 pools.

  • Each team will be randomly selected from entries, one from each pool of players.

  • The Pool 1 players are designated team ‘Captains’.

  • Once the full list of teams is known it will be circulated by email to all participants.

  • This will only be possible if I have participants email addresses, so please send us an email.

  • Each team will play all other teams twice before the end of the season.

  • David will arrange the draw of which team plays which other team and at what time and on which Thursday for the entire season.

  • The list will be sent to participants once the number of teams is known.

  • If either bowler in any team is unable to bowl at their allotted time on any Thursday their team forfeits the match.

  • If both teams are unable to play then the match will be declared a draw.

  • Any cancelation by mutual agreement of the 2 captains due to bad weather or other force majeure shall be declared a draw.

  • Each win will score 2 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0 point.

  • If after all matches have been played there is a draw on points then there will be a count back firstly on “shots scored” (not “shots difference”) and then, if necessary, ends won.

  • Forfeited matches shall score 2 points, 6 shots and 6 ends to the winning side and 0 points, 3 shots and 3 ends to the losing side. Drawn matches due to inability to play, weather or force majeure will score 1 point, 4 shots and 4 ends to both sides.

  • No team can win any league prizes if they have not played more than 2/3rds of their games.

  • A ‘242 Pairs’ Box will be located in the ‘Materials Shed’ (the shed where the mats and jacks are stored).

  • In the box will be 2 containers, one for unused score cards and one for completed score cards.

  • Completed Score cards must be signed by both team captains at the end of the game and put in the completed score card container in the ‘242 Pairs’ Box.

  • The results and position table will be updated weekly.

  • If you would like a copy of these then please email us so that we can send them to you on a regular basis.