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During the summer months, we bowl! We play matches against local clubs and touring teams and we organise in-house competitions like Triples and Australian Pairs, which are great fun as well as challenging. At the end of the summer season, we host several Club Cup competitions and these are heavily contested each year.

We go indoors for the winter months and play Short Mat, sometimes with matches versus local Short Mat Teams as well as in-house games. We also organise quiz nights, whist afternoons, various catered social events and a raft of other activities.

We occasionally run Summer Tours and in Winter, a trip to Potters for their indoor bowling.

Don't forget to come back and check regularly for any updates.

The Triples Game

Each player usually has 3 bowls and plays them singly and in turn. The first players of each team deliver their bowls in alternation; the second players in each team follow; then the final players in each team deliver their bowls.

All bowls of one team nearer to the jack than any bowl of the 3 opponents count as one shot each. The maximum score for an end is 9 shots.

The triples game usually concludes when 18 ends have been played, the team with the highest score being the winners.


This is played once a week during the winter months and is a great way to socialise with other club members.

An afternoon of cards with tea and biscuits!

Cup Competitions

We have several cup competitions that are held each year in the Ladies, Gents and Mixed sections. If you pop over to the Club Photos pages, you'll see the winners from 2019.


Annual trip to

Potters for indoor


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